Poland Hotels – Why Toilet Won’t Flush

On most days we take for granted that our toilet will flush quickly and completely. There are, however, sometimes mechanical failures, or other issues that causes people to wonder why their toilet won’t flush.

Object Blockage

If a toilet is filled with too much toilet paper, feminine hygiene products or other paper products, it won’t flush. Be sure to look for flushable toilet tissue and bathroom wipes, and never flush paper towels or other paper products used instead of toilet paper. Overloading the toilet with any material, including human waste, makes it hard to flush and may cause a clog. Sometimes a child decides to flush plastic toy, stuffed animal or other object, and the parent finds out that this happened when the floor is covered in water from overflow, as the object is stuck in the piping.

Valves Not Working

If the tank does not empty it’s probably a connecting issues, because the float is not moving to open up the valve between the tank and the bulb.

The flapper is the seal that closes the valve and allows the tank to refill. If the flapper is disconnected, it will not open, and may be the main reason why water does not move from the tank to the bowl more information.

Poland Hotels - Why Toilet Won't Flush

Tree Root Growing Up Through Toilet Channel

It’s hard to believe, but tree roots have taken hold and grown up through people’s toilets! They block the toiler from beneath the base, usually originating through the septic system. Even when trees close to the house are removed, some roots can still remain, take hold and will grow up through your toilet system like a potted plant.

Septic Tank Failure

If you have a septic tank connected to your home and the drain field is saturated, and water does not move through the septic system correctly, you will get backup and your toilet will not flush. Having your septic tank regularly inspected, emptied and maintained will go far to solve this problem.