Feng Shui Jewelry From the Heart in the Year of the Metal Tiger – A Case Study

Lovetta Conto is a young lady who experienced childhood in war-torn Liberia as an evacuee. Having gotten away with her life, she returned to make change and recuperating with each shot cast during the war. From her heart, she created these castings that had once murdered or harmed another into delightful bits of jewelry that served to help us to remember the value of life itself and of the individuals who we hold dear. When wearing the jewelry, we hold these valuable recollections truly near our souls.

Feng Shui Jewelry

From the start, the feng shui master in me began to identify the Top 3 No-No’s of such a thing:

  1. Feng Shui is tied in with living vitality, how to make amicability among those in the present with the past and what is to come. Therefore, we ought not be wearing something that has executed or injured anybody. This carries destructive vitality that asserts kicking the bucket vitality, not alive vitality.
  1. Feng Shui weaves in, out, through, and around everything.Things, shots for this situation, that touch individuals carry vitality and inevitably an individual’s remarkable energies likewise contact the items. Subsequently, the individual’s energies and the articles’ energies join and in the long run get befuddled. This nhan long voi misalignment can likewise influence the following individual the article contacts.
  1. Feng Shui vitality wants to wander like a tenderly winding river. Bullets travel in straight ways, which make a sha or murdering vitality. We like to perceive what is coming towards us from a skyline, not at point clear. At point clear, we get found napping and a portion of our soul leaves us briefly before we re-assemble our energies.

At that point, the Feng Shui lover in me saw the opposite side of the coin, or for this situation, the metallic item:

  1. Feminine vitality transmutes, change, and birth new vitality. This youngster utilized a hard manly metal article as her motivation for a ladylike type of articulation: jewelry or joyeria, as known in Spanish. See delight in joyeria and you naturally observe a grin on a lady’s lips.
  1. Feng Shui vitality is found in affiliations and particularly in names. Not exclusively is love in the youngster’s name (Lovetta is her name); love is additionally for the sake of the line of jewelry she established, made, and planned. The triple portion of affection vitality in her name, for the sake of her line of jewelry, and even mixed in the jewelry itself makes this intense medication to recuperate the damages that attacked her nation of origin of Liberia. Put another way, earnestness moves the Feng Shui gods!:- )
  1. Feng Shui vitality in the time of the Metal Tiger makes this a huge year for this youngster and her line of jewelry. 2010 is the time of the Metal Tiger. Individuals, places, things of a metallic sort will all profit this year. Tiger in Cantonese Chinese, the essential language in Feng Shui-soaks Hong Kong, is fu and furthermore sounds precisely like harsh. Only a person or thing that has realized sharpness will acknowledge what is sweet and significantly esteem it.