Staff Recognition Program From All Directions

Employee recognition programs have Been around quite a while in a lot of structures that are unique. We are most likely all acquainted with some rendition of the attempted and true Employee of the Month grants which incorporate access to the prime stopping place or only a three day weekend with pay. The manager says something and chooses a specialist he feels is commendable. Over the years however Recognition programs have taken on an assortment of instructions and looks. From boss to employee is not the path praise and programs are being implemented by businesses that promote a greater involvement including from their clients and encompass a wider audience. There are opportunities in every business to implement.

Direction 1: Top Down From Management to Employees

This is the path that many conventional Employee Recognition Programs take and probably the one that you have had the most experience with. As in the example I used the boss, manager, or supervisor determines the goals that are desirable and rewards his team. Business owners take their stab. This sort of program works as long as it is deemed beneficial, timely and fair.

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Management 2: Side to Side Between Workers

Side to Side programs are getting to be very popular. In this sort of program, co-workers celebrate and recognize one another. Admiration by peers and recognition is a strong motivator and these kinds of programs are inexpensive and simple to implement.

Here’s an example of an extremely Inexpensive but powerful program. Build or purchase trophy or a cup. It does not need to be a little fun and just something or anything, a crystal decanter. The trophy is awarded by the winner of the week. The presenter staff recognition program explains why they have chosen the winner of this week. The why is important? A thorough explanation is much more motivating than general praise for a job well done. Did provide customer support, this week’s winner stay to help someone, solve a problem, save the department money or time? The winner keeps the decoration in their desk until next week when they pass on it. You may include a gift card as so that workers have.