Things To Consider When Buying Silk Robes

The cocoon of the silkworm produced fiber called silk which is harvested and carefully handpicked. It makes an amazingly smooth, soft, and shiny fabric. Thus, silk is expected to be highly prized for all kinds of luxury bedding and apparel. Silk was a traditional material used last 3000 BC until today.

Robes are one of the most famous products made from silk. It is usually intended for your sleepwear and is ideal for this setting. The sensual nature is often associated with both the feel and look of the silk fabric. The silk robes for men are specifically made for them to go with a kind of lingerie, matched with colors, designs, and styles.

Factors to consider when buying silk robes

When you are buying silk robes, two factors must be remembered. Most important thing is to make sure that the robes you are purchasing are garments made from 100% silk. Keep in mind that there is silk blended with satin and synthetic silk, usually polyester and nylon. Sometimes, silk robes are composed of 100% pure silk. Thus these robes become incredibly cool and fresh on the skin.

However, silk is more susceptible and fragile to damage when washed. Therefore, you can wash it by hand. If you wash it on a washing machine, make sure that you choose the light speed and not the heavy one. It is to make sure that the fabric will not get damaged when washed.

Some silk robes are blended with acetate. So, you must be sure that you are picking 100% pure silk sleepwear robes.

Is satin a kind of silk?

Well, buyers must see to it that they know the difference between satin and silk. Don’t get confused with the term satin. It is usually described as silk robes. Satin can be made of fibers, which is known as silk. But, if you say satin, it doesn’t mean silk. Silk is different from satin. As long as the satin is being described as silk satin, still you are buying a silk robe.

Most buyers preferred woven satin in choosing silk robes, in contrast to the cheaper satin. The difference is the texture, woven silk satin is softer to the touch of a knit satin. However, a 100% pure silk robe is unbeatable over the other types of silk-like fabrics. Satin is only a fabric that is so much like silk.

Take note, silk is not satin.