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Read to increase income from your rental properties

There are smart property owners who not only earn income from rent but also a bonus from the use of their brains. Confused? Read to know more. We are sure that not every landlord has serene locations like Okayama Prefecture apartment or basic homes, however, one can increase income by following the below tips.

  • Fully furnished apartments
  • Additional storage
  • Introduce extra services
  • Pet fee
  • Late fees
  • Increase rent
  • Reinvest

Fully furnished apartments: A certain segment of the industry is onthe hunt for fully furnished units. You have the opportunity to charge a fee for these spaces. The rent could be fixed based on the duration of the stay along with the provided furniture. Vacationers are the most common customers for such well-arranged interiors.

Additional storage: Do you have unused sheds, basements, crawlspaces, attics? If yes, make use of them and earn money. Let us explain to you in a simple and easy way. A few renters own vehicles, decoration materials and other equipment however, they may use a friend’s help to store possessions. Providing such individuals with extra space to store their valuables for a certain sum is a great idea to increase rental income.

Introduce extra services: Most rich tenants do not have the time to perform grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry because of their busy work schedules.  A facility to complete such activities on behalf of them for a fixed fee is a good way to increase your bank balance.

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Pet fee: Some of the owners do not allow pets. Do you know any landlord who makes money from the acceptance of pets? If not, become one. Yes, you read it right. Inform the rent payer that he needs to pay a monthly fee to keep his pet in the house. No pet parent is stupid to leave their dog or cat because of monetary involvement. This means you can earn an additional 3-5% of rent by welcoming the furry friends.


Late fees: The majority of the property owners commit the mistake of giving lenience to their renters which is why tenants repeat the cycle of late payments. Do not be that sweet and sad owner, utilize the idea and collect extra fees for being a late rent payer. Most importantly, do include the same in the lease document to avoid complications and unnecessary drama.

Increase rent: We do not mean to encourage you to burden the tenant with a 20-50% increase in rent but, be smart to know the property value along with comparing rents in the nearby locations and accordingly inform the rent payer to add additional bucks. The upward movement in cash flow must be per year which is considered ideal any less than 12 months is unattractive and can be a burden on the payers.

Once you learn to use the above-mentioned techniques to allow the flow of more cash into your bank account, re-implement them in other properties and derive gains from real estate investments. A cycle for profits facilitates the achievement of personal as well as financial goals irrespective of the rentable dwelling you may own be it a stable apartment like the Okayama Prefecture apartment or an ordinary one.


家賃だけでなく、頭脳を使ってボーナスを稼ぐ賢い不動産所有者もいます。混乱している?詳細を知るために読んでください。すべての家主が岡山 アパート や基本的な家のような静かな場所にあるとは限りませんが、以下のヒントに従うことで収入を増やすことができます。

  • 家具付きアパートメント
  • 追加のストレージ
  • 追加サービスを導入する
  • ペット料金
  • 延滞料
  • 家賃を上げる
  • 再投資